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    This season we proudly cut the ribbon on Walter Becker University (WBU). Its Library houses key reference material including a bio, songwriting, playing and guesting credits, discographies, production projects, deep-dives, and more -- plus discussion boards on everything. Go Geckos.    
    The collection will grow in time: more reference material, an expanded multimedia department, and more seminars offered by our brightest (or bravest) students.    
    The news page here on-site flags new material on walterbecker.com (the WB Newsletter does even better at that) and archives all site content in the form of a chronological index of additions to this and other affiliated WB sites — a list of which is found on the WeBWorld Dynasty page.    
    Also please visit us often over on Walter Becker Media, which is posting WB's demos and rarities all the time ... accompanied by extensive discussion boards where the proud the brave and the few hold forth on what they hear there, and everywhere.    


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    walter carl becker          

tell them I was here
tell them now I'm gone
we rode like parkbench generals
across the great south lawn
when I was yours and you were mine
on lawnchair stallions double dreaming
an endless dusk at firefly time

- wb

 2/20/50 - 9/3/17        
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