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Circus Money (2008)

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brilliant - Chris Jones, BBC

from musicians at the top of their game - John P. Anderson, Lifestyle Magazine

it's all jewel-glistening and soul sailing - Downbeat

enduring quality - Andy Parker, Burton Mail

melodic, funky and as smart as you like - John Bungey, The Times

pure class - Andy Parker, Burton Mail

the music is spacious and grooves flawlessly - Drummer Magazine

after a few listens you realize you’re locked in
but you didn’t want to leave anyway
- Paul Sexton, Sunday Express

snug, swinging, small-combo grooves - Richard Cromelin, LA Times

superb musicianship - Kevin O'Hare, The Springfield Republican

witty, occasionally wistful, impeccably arranged tunes - Elysa Gardner, USA Today

an understated gem - John Aizlewood, Q Magazine

sense of musical clarity and subtlety which make it the kind of album which ought to be issued to all hi-fi salesmen as the best demo disc for their products - Manchester Evening News

this whole album is a joy to behold - great understated singing, ultra-tight reggae bass & drums grooves, and tunes so beautifully arch they'd make you cry if you weren't laughing at the lyrics - Paul Zolo, American Songwriter

delightful use of highly original narratives - Pete Feenstra, Get Ready To Rock

fits perfectly within the canon of the mighty parent group while giving us plenty of food for thought- Chris Jones, BBC

rich seams of humour and clever wordplay - Terry Staunton, Record Collector

who says that they don’t make pop music for grownups anymore? - Elysa Gardner, USA Today

disarming soulfulness - Robert Spelman, Sunday Express

tight, snaky grooves - Robert Spelman, Sunday Express

instrumental brilliance - Manchester Evening News

packs a genuine emotional whack - Sunthorpe Telegraph

thoughtful, intriguing, sung with style and character - Pete Sargeant, Fair Hearing

wonderfully flowing grooves - Downbeat

unrepentantly and delightfully Steely Dan-esque - John Aizlewood, Q Magazine

the vibrating half of Steely Dan ... delivers a bass-driven, dub-riddled set - Tim Cumming, The Independent

as infectious as anything he's done - Tim Cumming, The Independent

smooth, sexy, and deliciously cryptic - John M. James, River Cities' Reader

sultry grooves...
virtuosic overlays
- Bud Scoppa, Sonic Boomers

the same kind of musical eclecticism that made Steely Dan one of the best bands ever - Marty Clear, Herald Tribune

richly detailed - Bud Scoppa, Uncut Magazine

of course it’s all played immaculately - Chris Jones, BBC

more lyrical smarts than virtually all the competition - Neil McKay, Belfast Telegraph

Becker plays bass throughout and it leads the album by the nose - Chris Jones, BBC

embracing life in all its weirdness- Bud Scoppa, Sonic Boomers

these tracks ripple and foam like water over rocks in a mountain brook at spring thaw - Bud Scoppa, Sonic Boomers

rock's most piquant observer of aberrant human behavior - Bud Scoppa, Sonic Boomers

immaculately played, produced and conceived - Neil McKay, Belfast Telegraph

a welcomed idiosyncratic gem - iTunes Editorial Review

the soulful, groove-driven CD is played to perfection - Mike Perciaccante, All About Jazz

reveals more with every listen - Mike Perciaccante, All About Jazz

arrangements that sound simple but really aren't - Marty Clear, Herald Tribune

intimate versions of Steely Dan's jazz-informed harmonics - Richard Cromelin, LA Times

it skanks and it swings and it grows on you! Dig the groove - John P. Anderson, Lifestyle Magazine

immaculately soulful grooves - Stephen Thomas Erlewine, AMG

frequently dodging the norm to remind even the pop-drunk cynics why this musical ringmaster is so revered - Sheffield Star

smarter than many would dare - Sheffield Star

not surprisingly, the CD sounds superb [sound * * * * * ] - Bret Milano, Sound & Vision

there's an engaging sly modesty about these pieces - Andy Gill, The Word

Becker's voice...has an appealing world-weary grain reflecting the enervation of hard-won experience - Andy Gill, The Word


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