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     Update Oct 11 2017: We are finding that random Becker Media Hits may drop in here at any time and leave as quietly as they they came . We certainly don't want to be the only schlubs caught out here NOT sharing intimate, private, or boring family moments that our late-departed friend had himself chosen to display very judiciously — if at all — over the last couple' decades...or...do we? But no worries from our end: there's just not enough time to enter the family album into various weep-athons [#hastag: pathos] when there's so much stuff that Walter actually wanted people to see and hear. (Is your subscription to the wb.com Newsletter up to date?)


     Sept 22, 2017: Friends Jim McKay and Matt Kerns have opened
     a space inviting everyone to "help us document the beautiful, absurd, and
     often hilarious musings and writhings of Walter Becker".

          Thank you Matt and Jim

          The Google Doc is here


The other day we asked if you could help us document media coverage of Walter Becker's passing.
Our goal was to convert all the online and digital material in our link collection into PDF Format.

We believe we have accumulated the volunteers to do that now, thank you...



….but one thing has quickly led to another and the Becker Media Army is already working on an item long at the top of the Becker Archive wish-list:

A comprehensive collection of all of WB's legendary improvisational gems otherwise known as "the Hey 19 Raps", identified by date /venue, and archived in a format that is stable and usable by the widest number of technologies.

So many of you have come forward with clips of these raps, or the shows in which they appear -- which is wonderful.


Now, friends Matt Kerns and Jim McKay have take it upon themselves to organize these finds,
beat the bushes for more (there are still hundreds out there-- contribute if you can!) and generally make a start
on what might well become a "creative commons" repository for many things Becker.




...And so the questions begin to emerge:



Can the fans find one another, and a space in which to do this project together?

Can they extract and convert
these raps into a loving library of WB's
beautifully twisted mind?

Is it possible to crowd-source a labor of love for an artist who is gone, who will himself never see or appreciate the love such a project will express?

Can we think of anyone whose soulful artistry has enriched our lives, who deserves the tribute of our time and appreciation, more than our Walter? 



r a n d o m   b e c k e r    m e d i a   h i t

So, again, thank you and thank you again for your offer to help. We've got the PDF project under control. 

So go visit Matt and Jim and see if you can help ...

Seeing a friend with a friend is always nice.

Fun Fact (or a freakish one, if you squint just right:): Walter had quite a thing for phone answering machines. Many a good shtick was launched into an empty room.






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