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As of today, several days after posting the first clip, it could be reasonably claimed the thing is a success so far.


w a l t e r   b e c k e r    m e d i a   p r o j e c t - u p d a t e
.New shit has come to light, man.-- Jeffrey Lebowski


This page exists --- this project exists -- because two amazing DanFans -- Matt Kerns and Jim McKay -- created a phenomenal browsable database of WB's famous "Hey 19 Raps" -- long on the wish-list of many of us. And as a tribute to Walter, they did it. It was collected and formatted as a true labor of love, and many other fans contributed by sending in their own clips or helping to hunt down more.

Meanwhile, here at walterbecker.com we were trying to figure out how to post unreleased material that Walter had OKd for release after his death. But meanwhile some truly nasty shit exploded sending its shrapnel this way, and it didn't seem feasible that we could do any of that without dumping Walter's work into a cesspool. (see my missive below as I worked out loud the goals I had and the problems I was trying to solve).

But the danfans came through once more! With the boundless help of one who will remain nameless but not for long, we have indeed created our own site where we can both post the audio clips, and provide discussion forums for people to… well… discuss them. But the magic sauce was you; with enough of you interested in the actual music as much or more than you were interested in an endless game of musical chairs, you showed up. And with great generosity, you also showed yourselves and shared yourselves, which sparked the heart of the enterprise into beating (and inspired me to mix my metaphors).

So here it is. This link will send you
out of WalterBecker.com and into

where you will find, well, Walter Becker media.

But please note it is a standalone website, obviously a companion site to the official Walter Becker (here!), which will continue to do all the usual stuff.. and some unusual stuff as well. So don't be a stranger. Walter left more than just audio behind for us

Finally, if you have not yet signed up for our newsletter, please do; it only takes a moment. And please encourage your friends to do the same. Easter is coming up, and some of those eggs can only be found with hints that may or may not appear in selfsame Newsletter, if you know what I mean.


          the start   Phenomenal browsable database of WB's famous "Hey 19 Raps", collected and formatted as a labor of love by Matt Kerns and Jim McKay (thank you, gentlemen). Over 100 shows with more on the way. Go enjoy, or contribute. Fantastic!  
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written few months ago. but I think we found a happy ending...

...and here is where the WB Media Project stalls for the time being. There's more video and audio to share, and WB assumed that the web would be a fine place to share it... which is what he asked me to do.

But he never could have imagined how much "the web" could have changed for his work, due entirely to the surreal animosity and bitchy coffee-klatch gossip that has, for some reason, been directed toward me.

(I take that back: I actually know most of the reasons)

Obviously, I very much want to honor WB's wishes — although I can guarantee he would rescind them, accompanied by a few choice words, if he saw what's going on. But the prospect of sharing a bit more of him with fans of good will brings me some amount of joy — otherwise in short supply during these dark days, maybe for you too. And besides, some of this stuff is just too good! But then again, I'm biased.

So as I think about sharing song(s) and more, I've been thinking hard about finding or creating a place that somehow reinstates the default characteristics of the web, characteristics which WB reasonably assumed would remain, but which in fact have become significantly distorted.

It's a tough one, and I'm going to need your ideas. The space I'm looking for must:

• be able to respectfully — or at least neutrally — receive posting of WB material, uncontaminated by overt hostility or baseless (i.e. false) speculations about the poster. Who would you want to harm by doing this? Why does it matter? Am I not in an unusually unique position to share more of WB and his work? Isn't it a good thing that I (still, so far) want to? Don't we want the same thing in this? Or...do you really mean to hector me and WB's stuff into disappearing? No: Walter deserves better — and as he knew, I can absorb a dump-truck of vitriol (or worse) in service of a righteous endeavor (in this case...him). So... asbestos suit zipped: no surprise that promises to my boy count infinitely more than the fanciful insults of a handful of hysterical trolls — wouldn't ya think?

• allow me to see people's responses as they react and discuss — the most interesting part, important feedback for planning the next batch, and for monitoring copyright issues (all his work will be free to share, but some things must be tracked) — keeping in mind that I was abruptly and unceremoniously booted off the most active Steely Dan Facebook page (!) several weeks ago and so cannot freely follow the discussion everywhere. (I've had no sign this will be reversed, even though the proximal cause of my banishment had nothing to do with SD and everything to do with a misunderstood email). That's a slight problem, creating as it does a totally freakish situation: one who can yell into the well of the web and send stuff in, but can't hear or see anything coming back out.

• find a way to help anyone who so wishes to respond and discuss with one another, anonymously if desired, but safely above all, uninhibited by social intimidation — or worse — from bullies, sock-puppets, bogus promulgators of "alternative facts", "fake news", plants, sycophantic stenographers, bad Psych 101, world-class experts in elaborating falsehoods, needy DSM 5 - Axis I-III types, or trolls. Comments and discussions should remain on-point. It's a big web out there; any sadists with a sack of venom they would like to splatter around can drag it, and their sputtering outrage, somewhere else. Bon appétit.

I told you it was a tough problem. And even the best solution can and will be abused and/or sabotaged; that's just a given. But I still intend to find a comfortable, safe space for Beckerphiles and his heretofore unheard work— and to do it proudly.

Some of you probably have ideas for how: please send them here: (although it may be some time before I process and research all the suggestions). Please help me share more of Walter with those who would like to see and hear some of what he left behind, and who can exhibit common good manners to the host and to each other.

On 2/20/18, we launched a trial of what may become the basis of a multipart and expanded distribution and discussion system for Walter's material. If it goes well, look for expansion soon.

I want to share this much of him with you. Perhaps I need to do this; perhaps Walter deserves it.



          PS: It's probably a good idea to sign up for the Newsletter in case that becomes part of a solution        




  "Private Gig": Girl Next Door To The Methadone Clinic
"Private Gig": Jones (alt verse lyrics)



  (Apparently it needs saying: he was trying to look like a decrepit wreck) 
Here's an aerial view - minus the street guy

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