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Walter Becker University

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Walter Becker University (WBU)    
  WBU houses Becker content that belongs in the cultural data-bank of any educated citizenry. Peruse a few source reference links from the current Library collection below. More will be added as construction continues    
  Each source reference includes a prominent link to a relevant discussion thread/study group running over on Walter Becker Media    
  About Walter Becker: Res ipsa loquitur (prerequisite)    
  WB Master List: Massive biblio of recording, playing, writing, production, and guesting credits    
  Advanced Studies: First semester
  ° Provost Kerns' master class on Surf and/or Die
  ° Dean of Studies D-Mod on Circus Money Art History
Also see:    
  Musicology Department: Follow the bouncing ball in this "Fake Book" of reader-submitted tabs, chords and charts.    
  WeB World Dynasty: WBU-accredited satellite campuses and continuing education    
  Visual Aids: Pics and vids from field trips, work-study    
  Multimedia Student Union: Download a rarity and grab a soapbox over at WBMedia    

No quizzes, mid-terms, or senior projects; a degree from WBU requires only a tolerance for earworms, advanced appreciation of slightly twisted artistic sensibilities, and a skeptical/humanist attitude worthy of our illustrious namesake.

The Fighting Geckos of WBU Oh hail all hail Double-U-B-U
We lift our freak-flag high
Above we brave we proud we few
The Fighting Geckos fly

Go Geckos        
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