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. Walter Becker CREDITS
11 Tracks of Whack (1994)

Produced by
Walter Becker and Donald Fagen

Songs by
Walter Becker except Cringemaker by Walter Becker and Dean Parks

Engineered and mixed by
Roger Nichols and Dave Russell

11 Tracks of Whack
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Walter Becker - 11 Tracks of Whack

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Recorded at Hyperbolic Sound USA and at Signet Sound, Los Angeles CA
Mastered by Glenn Meadows at Masterfonics, Nashville TN

Vocals, solo guitars, ukulele, bass: Walter Becker
Acoustic and electric guitar: Dean Parks
Keyboards: John Beasley, Donald Fagen
Woodwind solos: Bob Sheppard
Drums: Ben Perowsky (Lucky Henry, Surf And/Or Die, Hat Too Flat)
Bass: Fima Ephron (Lucky Henry, Surf And/Or Die, Hat Too Flat)
Electric Guitar: Adam Rogers (Lucky Henry, Surf And/Or Die, Hat Too Flat, solo #2 on Lucky Henry - 1st solo is Dean Parks)
Background vocals: Katherine Russell, Brenda White-King
Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa

Horns arranged by Donald Fagen
Horn Section: Bob Shepard (sax), Bruce Paulson (trombone), Jon Papenbrook (trumpet)

Project Coordinator: Lisa Starr
Drums supplied by Paul Marchetti
Midi Buddy/Tech support/Mac Hack: Craig Siegel
2nd Engineer: Earl (Martin), Tom (Hardisty)
3rd Engineer: John (Neff)

Recorded and mixed entirely on Meyer HD-1 monitors
20-bit mixes processed for CD with Sony Super Bit Map system

Special Thanks: Paul DeBenedictus (Opcode), Suze Howells (Digidesign), Mark Johnson & John Meyer, Con Psorakis, Don Eklund and Sony Digital, Harvey Moltz (Rainbow Guitars), Ampex, Bruce Jackson (Apogee), Brian Wright (Digitech), Bob Moses & Ray Bloom (Rane Corp.), Dalton at Project One, Mikal (Mytek Private Q ccue system), C.J. at Massenburg Labs, Mesa/Boogie, Steve Rabe (SWR), Matchless, Millenia Audio, Jeff Boggs (Sadie USA), David Dubow (Signet Sound)

Extra Special Thanks: Uncle Remix, Hyperbolic Dave, Bobbi Marcus, Craig Fruin, Suzana Haugh

Chants and prayers of Tibetan Lamas made possible by the blessing of Nechung Rimpoche. Hawaii lamas - Lama Tenzin, Lama Lobsang, Lama Pedor, Lama Jikmey.

Mr. Becker's countless electric guitars constructed, modified, and adjusted by Master Luthiers Steven Grimes and Roger Sadowsky

Representation: Craig Fruin/HK Management

Art Direction: Mick Haggerty
Photography by Annalisa, except punch photo by Mick
Type Design: Mick Haggerty and Kathleen Philpott

11 Tracks of Whack
| tracks + lyrics
| credits : TOP

Walter Becker - 11 Tracks of Whack

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